Do you ever feel like you're the only woman who struggles to find clothes that fit? Are you tired of the crazy sizing and time lost in dressing rooms or returning shipping boxes? We are too. And we're ready to try something different.

WeFitMe is a community of women

finding clothes that fit, together.


Let's face it. Not all of us love clothes shopping. It's a time-consuming, self-esteem-busting experience for lots of us. The fashion industry just isn't set up to make it easy for us to find what we need. We face inconsistent sizes, sparse inventory in stores, and if we happen to be larger than a size 10, our clothing options can be few and far between. Online shopping is the only choice for a lot of us, but that has its own challenges. Even online recommendations can be suspect if they haven't been written by someone who looks like us.  

It shouldn't have to be so hard.

So how do we find out about what works? How do we avoid wasting so much time and emotional energy on shopping?

We talk. We share. We are not alone.

We share what works for us with women who have the same fit challenges. We help each other because we know how hard it is to find those great jeans and how fantastic we feel if we've done it. We know how grateful someone with the same problem will be when she hears what you have to say.  

We can help each other find what fits.

We might not have the perfect answers, but together we can point each other in the right direction. And that alone is better than what we have now.

Join us. The conversation starts right HERE.