Modified Style Fashion Show
7:30 pm19:30

Modified Style Fashion Show

  • Crystal Ballroom

All  the looks on the runway are created by designers from bags of reclaimed textile materials.  They don't get to choose their bags, so it really challenges their creativity. 

Spring Sunday Clothing Swap
10:00 am10:00

Spring Sunday Clothing Swap

  • NedSpace

It's that time again ladies....time to clean out our closets and find fabulous new looks - Here's the scoop!

10:00-10:30 Check-in, have a nibble & get acquainted while we sort clothes for the swap
10:30-11:00 Short roundtable discussion*** on shopping and style...and Mimosas!
11:00-12:45 SWAP!
12:45 -1:00
Pack up and prep for donation drop-off

Let's all bring bring high quality, dressy casual to professional clothes to swap. Then we'll have a great swap selection. (Please keep casual T-shirts and tanks to a minimum).

***The roundtable discussion is an opportunity for your hosts to hear what you have to say about clothes, shopping, and fashion (like a focus group). It will be fun too!

More about our co-host: 
Afrikan Clothing Co. is a start-up which will connect and empower women in the US and Africa through style and socially responsible business.